Thursday, November 8, 2018


Celebrating a fall wedding? 
Stressed from all of the wedding day planning and just need a break? 
You might not be alone in needing a little break from all of the extra activities in your life due to your upcoming big day.

Why not stop, and take a evening to celebrate what you are thankful for with your friends before your big day, and before the traditional holiday gatherings approach? Often the holiday season is a very busy time with family travel, and it makes it harder to arrange time to visit and spend time with your close friends.

That brings us to your much needed Friendsgiving, a casual homestyle meal, celebrating with close friends either near, on, or after Thanksgiving. This trendy friend gathering  has grown to be very popular over the last few years and there are a few reasons for the growing popularity. Compared to the traditional Thanksgiving that you are getting ready to commence in soon, Friendgiving is the casual meal, with great food, and close friends, celebrating what they are thankful for.

  Some perks of hosting Friendsgiving are that the host, provides the table centerpiece, cooks the turkey or ham and the gravy and that is all with their hosting tasks!

   The attending guests bring the side dishes, beverages, and wine to the potluck dinner. Sounds pretty easy doesn't it, the host assigns someone to coordinate the side dishes, taking away stress from the host.

Side dish requirements are there must be vegetables that are not cooked in a casserole form, potatoes and stuffing are a must, the more varieties the better.

You will also find a variety of appetizers in the form of finger food, and often you will find comfort food favorites such as baked macaroni and cheese, pecan and pumpkin pie.  As well as finishing the potlucks meal, the guests also bring the beverages, wine, or whatever drinks will be needed.

Friendsgiving is about celebrating what you are thankful for with friends, in the relaxing atmosphere of your home, with great food. Try it this year, it may just help take your mind off of the big day planning stress!

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