Thursday, November 8, 2018


Celebrating a fall wedding? 
Stressed from all of the wedding day planning and just need a break? 
You might not be alone in needing a little break from all of the extra activities in your life due to your upcoming big day.

Why not stop, and take a evening to celebrate what you are thankful for with your friends before your big day, and before the traditional holiday gatherings approach? Often the holiday season is a very busy time with family travel, and it makes it harder to arrange time to visit and spend time with your close friends.

That brings us to your much needed Friendsgiving, a casual homestyle meal, celebrating with close friends either near, on, or after Thanksgiving. This trendy friend gathering  has grown to be very popular over the last few years and there are a few reasons for the growing popularity. Compared to the traditional Thanksgiving that you are getting ready to commence in soon, Friendgiving is the casual meal, with great food, and close friends, celebrating what they are thankful for.

  Some perks of hosting Friendsgiving are that the host, provides the table centerpiece, cooks the turkey or ham and the gravy and that is all with their hosting tasks!

   The attending guests bring the side dishes, beverages, and wine to the potluck dinner. Sounds pretty easy doesn't it, the host assigns someone to coordinate the side dishes, taking away stress from the host.

Side dish requirements are there must be vegetables that are not cooked in a casserole form, potatoes and stuffing are a must, the more varieties the better.

You will also find a variety of appetizers in the form of finger food, and often you will find comfort food favorites such as baked macaroni and cheese, pecan and pumpkin pie.  As well as finishing the potlucks meal, the guests also bring the beverages, wine, or whatever drinks will be needed.

Friendsgiving is about celebrating what you are thankful for with friends, in the relaxing atmosphere of your home, with great food. Try it this year, it may just help take your mind off of the big day planning stress!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Fall Wedding Favors & Why You Should Buy Them Local

Planning ahead for your fall wedding theme? Trying to find the perfect wedding favors for your guests to remember your special day? Check out these great fall themed gifts that can be customized to match your wedding theme.

The fantastic thing about choosing products that are customized, is that they can be customized in so many custom ways. Don't cut your options short... did you know that if you purchase from a local store or crafter, the item can be fully customized to fit your wedding theme? When you purchase from online retailers, you limit color choices, flavors, fragrances, and so much more.

Did you know that if you choose to work with a local shop or crafter for your favors, there will be less stress? You don't have to worry about online orders, proofs, shipping, or if the colors will match. So why add extra stress planning for your big day?

Soaps, Scrubs, Lotions, & Bath Bombs
Thank your guests with a take away gift that they can enjoy more than once. With so many options with these products you can customize them with color, fragrance, and packaging. 


Send your guests away with a sweet treat. Donuts are a great option because they can be easy customized, from decorations to packaging in cute wedding favor boxes.

Chocolate & Carmel Dipped Apples
These delicious treats are perfect to enjoy after the wedding for your guests, with endless designs and packaging options you can match any theme.

Trinket Dishes
Choose a cute keepsake for that your guest will keep. Trinket dishes make the perfect dish to store jewelry, candy, and any other small trinkets.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Color Options for your Summer Wedding

Planning for your summer wedding? Don't miss out on this summer's hottest color options for your color choices! We've found the greatest color pairings to help make your summer wedding planning easier for you. Outdoor to indoor, formal to lakeside we have found this summers perfect color options below.

See how simple color combinations can pair with colors perfectly for summer. Don't forget that the options are endless when it comes to your wedding's color combination. Don't forget that you can always add accent colors to floral arrangements.

Navy & Red 
Best for: Rustic, and Garden weddings.
Bold navy mixed with red really make a statement, especially paired with rustic and garden themes.

Orange & Pale Green
Best for: Outdoor, and Lakeside weddings.
Adding orange, with pale green will make your colors stand out outside this summer. 

Purple & Soft Orange
Best for: Formal weddings
Pair purple and soft orange together for a formal wedding, soft orange adds a touch of softness to the bold purple. Making this color combo a perfect summer pairing.

Salmon Pink and White 
Best for: Formal weddings
Salmon pink paired with white accents, makes for a beautiful timeless elegance for any formal wedding.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

A theme for the wedding of your dreams.

Planning for your wedding and stuck with choosing a theme? Take a look at these great wedding themes we have found for you, this will help make your wedding planning a little easier for you!
Don't forget to look at ideas for your theme you have in mind! Did you know that sometimes the vision you imagine may not fit exactly into the theme you had thought?

Make a romantic statement with soft hues, and pastels. Accent the venue with soft light, that is delicate to set off romantic vibes.

Are you a off beat bride? Not wanting to choose the traditional route for your wedding? You can easily show your alternative side with accent pieces to your wedding party like a pop of color with some trendy shoes, or a special cake design for the grooms cake.

Beach Wedding
Planning for a smaller wedding, with a vacation included? Why not choose the beach? There are many options for beach wedding themes to fit your special needs. 

Vintage Wedding
Capture timeless elegance with antique decor, wooden accents, and glass lighting.

Traditional Wedding
Stay with the classic formal wedding with complete table sets, and ornamental floral arrangements. 

Garden Party
Relax in a laid back, and beautiful garden party. Perfect for indoor and outdoor venues.

Modern Wedding
Celebrate your wedding day with a minimal design, geometric shapes, and clean lines.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Why you should attend a bridal show?

As a new year unfolds, so do new wedding trends and ideas. It's no secret, most of us love social media. But the opportunity to meet and mingle among today's top wedding vendors all under one roof, in your area, is not something that you find in an app!  Below, we have compiled the top 5 reasons to attend a bridal show when planning your dream wedding.

1. Professional Vendors
Meet professionals that could be a great fit for your day! This is an opportunity to see professionals in a pressure situation and how they handle themselves. It is nice to have a sit down prior to signing a contract but knowing how they handle a big event might give you insight to how they could perform on your big day. Meeting vendors at a show allows you to see their personalities and if they can see the vision you have been dreaming. A bridal show setting is the perfect place to start your research on possible vendors that will give life to your wedding.

2. Save money
Who doesn't love the opportunity to save money? Most vendors offer bridal show specials that can be money off their services or additional services for free. Some vendors will even follow up via email with other specials or deals. Whether you are interested in a specific vendor or shopping for a certain service, it never hurts to ask if they have a show special.

3. Expert Advice
Who better to learn from than experts! While making your way around the show, this is a great time to ask questions from industry experts. Before leaving a show, take a minute to look over your list of needed services and then use this opportunity to go back to vendor booths to get more details.

4. Prizes
A chance to win prizes, that's right someone is going to win, why not you? Don't miss the chances that are available at shows to sign up for giveaways. Whether it's a service that is a must have or optional fun that you might not have had in your budget, winning is always a great feeling.

5. Trends
There's no better place to learn about the latest wedding trends than at a bridal show. You will see some on display and are sure to hear about it through the event professionals. This is an opportunity to build on ideas that you may already have for your big day. Whether it's colors, decor, fashion or entertainment, you are sure to find upcoming trends.

There is so much to learn and enjoy at a bridal show. Yes, it is great to experience with your bridal party, parents and partner. Whether you are celebrating your recent engagement or making final preparations for your big day, there is always something for you at a bridal show.