Friday, June 1, 2018

Color Options for your Summer Wedding

Planning for your summer wedding? Don't miss out on this summer's hottest color options for your color choices! We've found the greatest color pairings to help make your summer wedding planning easier for you. Outdoor to indoor, formal to lakeside we have found this summers perfect color options below.

See how simple color combinations can pair with colors perfectly for summer. Don't forget that the options are endless when it comes to your wedding's color combination. Don't forget that you can always add accent colors to floral arrangements.

Navy & Red 
Best for: Rustic, and Garden weddings.
Bold navy mixed with red really make a statement, especially paired with rustic and garden themes.

Orange & Pale Green
Best for: Outdoor, and Lakeside weddings.
Adding orange, with pale green will make your colors stand out outside this summer. 

Purple & Soft Orange
Best for: Formal weddings
Pair purple and soft orange together for a formal wedding, soft orange adds a touch of softness to the bold purple. Making this color combo a perfect summer pairing.

Salmon Pink and White 
Best for: Formal weddings
Salmon pink paired with white accents, makes for a beautiful timeless elegance for any formal wedding.

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